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Advances in research on the active constituents and physiological effects of Ganoderma lucidum
Jan 19, 2021

An extensive research review of existing scientific findings involving bioactive compounds in Ganoderma Lucidum and the physiological effects of these compounds.

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Ergosterol peroxide activates Foxo3-mediated cell death...
Jan 18, 2021

Ergosterol peroxide, within Ganoderma Lucidum oil, is a key bioactive compound that inhibits tumour growth by reducing reducing cancer cell survival and migration. In this study, researchers investigated how, ergosterol peroxide causes cell death among liver cancer cells.

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Process For Preparing Ganoderma Spore Oil
Jan 14, 2021



Yizheng XieShenzhu LiBurton B. YangChong LiZhi ZhangQingping WuGuanzhou ChenBiao Luo

The present invention relates to a method for preparing Ganoderma spore oil which is in the field of biotechnology. The method includes using Ganoderma spore powder and Ganoderma powder (obtained from grinding fruiting bodies) as raw materials, applying enzymatic Ganoderma sporoderm broken methods, one-step granulation, supercritical CO2 extraction method, as well as centrifugation and refining. The light yellow oleaginous substances obtained posses a variety of physiological functions such as strengthening immunity, protecting the liver and inhibiting tumor cell growth, etc. Ganoderma spore oil prepared with the present technology contains not only spore extracts, but also extracts from Ganoderma fruiting bodies and mycelium by CO2 supercritical extraction, with more types of triterpenoids. The inhibitory effects of Ganoderma spore oil is a onefold higher than spore oil prepared from the physical preparation of the sporoderm-broken spore. Meanwhile, the problem of spore oil spoilage arising from oxidation is solved due to the low peroxide value within Ganoderma spore oil, and thereby the quality of Ganoderma spore oil is greatly improved.

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